Travis Harmon, Gresham Why am I a Broker? Best realtor in town. Very professional and attentive to every detail. I would highly recommend Chance Kelley!

         My family has been in the Real Estate investment and remodel business ever since I can remember. I think I was about 11 years old the first time I was “hired” to help flip one of our homes. Having been around the business for so long, naturally I knew Real Estate was the direction I wanted to go with my career. The reason I chose to be a broker, is a little different then most. My mom is an incredibly kind person, she will put her faith in anyone. She was usually the one dealing with realtors when it was time to sell a property. Long story short,  after every transaction the same word came out of her mouth, “hassle.” I remember thinking to myself how could someone whose job it is to make your transaction fluid and as stress free as possible, be a hassle to deal with. After doing some searching I noticed there is one massive problem threatening the existence of agents today. Its not Zillow, or anything on the internet for that matter, it’s the agents themselves. You see it only takes about two months to get a real estate license. Two months and you can negotiate the closing of someone's biggest asset, that’s a scary thought. You will see Realtor advertisements all over town that say, “SOLD!” “I sell homes freaky fast!” Everyone claiming to be the biggest go getter out there. I chose to be a broker, not to be another “go getter.” I chose to be a broker to be one of the few “go-givers.” A real professional, devoted to giving real quality service. I chose to partner with Berkshire because they don’t just like the things that I value, they share the same values and stand behind them right alongside me. 

- Chance Kelley